Initiatives for Impactful & Effective Advocacy Work

Programs to Support Victim Advocates & Crisis Responders

Our impactful victim advocacy initiatives are designed to inform and support victim assistance professionals at all levels—whether you’re an aspiring advocate, seasoned victim assistance provider, crisis responder or allied professional.

Through a variety of resources, tools, guidelines, and training, we provide advocates and crisis responders with valuable guidance for trauma-informed response, ethical practices and protecting victims’ rights. We also provide specialized support for advocacy groups, critical events, and targeted programs for specific focus areas, including military, campus, or youth advocacy groups and community crisis response.

Explore our initiatives below to learn more and find the resources you need to do this critical work.

National Advocacy Leadership Center

The National Advocacy Leadership Center (NALC) offers innovative online training and professional development for victim assistance providers at any level, from aspiring advocates to experienced professionals. NOVA Members get access to all NALC benefits with membership.

Office For Victim Advocacy Ethics

NOVA’s Office for Victim Advocacy Ethics is a comprehensive resource supporting victim assistance professionals in their critical work. We offer training on ethics, engaging events, professional consultation, and relevant resources for those who serve victims/survivors of crime.

Campus Advocacy

NOVA’s Campus Training and Technical Assistance Program provides trauma-informed, accessible, inclusive, and culturally responsive training, technical assistance, and support to all campus victim assistance staff and community partners working with institutions of higher education.

Military Advocacy

NOVA’s Military Advocacy Programs provide Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) and credentialing to military victim advocates and civilian victim assistance professionals serving the military community to improve crime response prevention.

Victim Advocacy Corps

The Victim Advocacy Corps pilot program elevates the next generation of youth leaders in victim services. We support marginalized youth in victim advocacy by providing student fellows with training, mentorship, and a paid field placement in a local victim service organization.

Youth Advocacy Panel

Community Crisis Response

Our Community Crisis Response Program supports community crisis responders, response teams, and victim assistance providers with comprehensive education, specialized skills training, and support so they can provide effective and compassionate assistance to victims of critical community events and crises.

Victims’ Rights & Public Policy

NOVA is committed to advocating for victims’ rights and supportive public policies for victims of crime and violence. We help educate victim advocates about victim rights and take steps to ensure these rights are upheld in court and in practice.

Professional Training

NOVA provides quality online and in-person training academies to help victim assistance professionals advance their trauma-informed skills.

Safety Exit