Find Resources for Victim Assistance Professionals

Crime Victims Advocate Resources

Find survivor-centered resources to help victims of crime and crisis directly, and resources to support victim assistance providers. We work to train and support victim assistance professionals responding to survivors of crime, mass violence incidents and ongoing crises through NOVA’s Initiatives and our partnerships with specialty advocacy groups and Federal programs.


We also offer career development support, help locating professional advocacy jobs, and tips to land a fulfilling role as a victim assistance professional. Find resume and cover letter tips and strategies to nail your interview. Supporting advocates is critical to assisting victims of crime. We are committed to supporting and promoting the next generation of advocates.

Are you the victim of a crime or crisis?
Find helpful resources here.

Explore Crisis Response Resources, Partnerships & Programs

Find valuable crisis response resources, aimed at providing trauma-informed crisis response and assistance to communities affected by mass casualty. We offer toolkits, resiliency center resources and more.

Advance Your Career in Victim Advocacy

We support career advancement for advocates through training, credentialing, and career development programs for victim assistance providers. Learn how to craft the perfect resume, write a compelling cover letter, and interview with confidence. Take control of your career today.

Your Career Path into Victim Advocacy

Join NOVA’s free Virtual Career Development Fair for victim assistance providers! Students, new advocates, and those interested in advancing their career in advocacy work can learn more about the victim advocacy & crisis response field. Connect with other advocates for victims of crime and crisis.

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