Advancing Victim Advocacy Since 1975

We Promote Dignity & Compassion

Our mission is to champion dignity and compassion for those harmed by crime and crisis.

"Assistance" means we are here to help; "Advocacy" means we are here to lead.

Founded in 1975, NOVA is the oldest national victim assistance organization of its type in the United States and is a recognized leader in victim advocacy, education, and credentialing. 

We support aspiring advocates, victim assistance professionals, crisis responders, civilian and government advocacy groups, and allied professionals working with victims of crime and crisis. Our work extends to political advocacy to support public policy promoting victims’ rights.

Our longstanding commitment to compassionate, evidence-based victim advocacy guides our work. As we have grown, so have our efforts to advance the field of victim assistance and crisis response.

In 2024, NOVA changed it’s name from the National Organization for Victim Assistance to the National Organization for Victim Advocacy. While holding on to our history, this change embodies the organization we have become to support the future leaders of the victim advocacy movement.



We provide skill-based and survivor-centered training to victim advocates and crisis responders.


We ensure the highest standards, ethical practice and professional core competencies are met and maintained by those working directly with crime victims through credentialing programs.


We empower survivors, advocates, crisis responders and policy makers with tools and resources to make the decisions that are best for them to create a healthy and productive advocacy field.


We advocate for victims of crime by advancing the field of victim services, promoting victims’ rights and policy, supporting communities after crisis and developing innovative resources to create trauma-informed systems.


The mission of the advocacy profession is to empower survivors of crime through ethical practice and the promotion of safety, healing, justice and victims’ rights. Like all professions rooted in service and community, there are core values which guide and unite the practicing professionals drawn to this work. In collaboration with our community of advocates, NOVA established 6 core values that root our profession and guide our work with intention.


We place value in our own education, development and trauma-informed training to meet the needs of those we serve. Advocates recognize the importance of continuous investment in their own growth.


We put care and passion into our work through empathy and concern for survivors, and for ourselves through effective and sustainable wellness practice.


We uphold ourselves to high standards and professional moral principles through the  knowledge and execution of ethical practices in the field, including confidentiality and professional boundaries.


As a guiding principle, we lift and reinforce the voices of those we serve.


We work with an appreciation and admiration for this field, and a regard for the individual cultures, rights and perspectives of all.


We make a conscious and innovative effort to work with victims/survivors, fellow advocates, and the greater community to advance the field of advocacy and elevate its impact.

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