Sandra (Sandy) Hunt began working at NOVA on July 10, 2023 as the Senior Director of Operations.  She is responsible for managing the NOVA headquarters including overseeing the administrative functions and workflow.

Prior to joining NOVA, Sandy worked for the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office, Victim/Witness Division in Dayton, Ohio.  Sandy was a Victim Advocate for 20 years, before being promoted to Director in 2010.  Sandy retired from the Victim/Witness Division after 33 years of dedicated service.  She has experience working with victims of felony violence, with specialized training in domestic violence, sexual assault and supportive services for homicide survivors.  Sandy has been trained in Restorative Justice and was responsible for coordinating all post-conviction and parole cases.  In addition to providing direct services to victims of crime, Sandy provided presentations and training to schools and community agencies.

Sandy is a NOVA trained Crisis Responder and while in Ohio was a member of the Ohio Crisis Response Team.  During her time in Ohio, Sandy was instrumental in coordinating the response to the Oregon District mass shooting that occurred on August 4, 2019.  She was recognized by several state agencies for her outstanding leadership she provided to her community.

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