Over two decades, Michelle (she/hers) has been a relentless advocate in the intricate landscape of violence prevention, navigating the complexities of risk and vulnerability with strategic acumen and unwavering commitment. Her journey began in the rigorous environment of military intelligence, where she honed her analytical skills and leadership while serving within the high-pressure locations with multiple deployments to the Middle East. This experience instilled in her a data-driven analytic approach, a cornerstone later leveraged in shaping her dedication to systemic change within the realm of violence prevention.

Michelle leverages her diverse skillset to develop and provide trauma-informed support to individuals and communities threatened by various forms of violence. She seamlessly blends her military-honed precision with the profound empathy cultivated through years of advocating for survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault and child abuse. Whether crafting comprehensive risk mitigation frameworks, implementing evidence-based prevention strategies, or delivering impactful training programs, Michelle demonstrably strengthens the capacity of institutions and systems to protect their most vulnerable community members.

With the background of being  a Subject Matter Expert Trainer and Consultant with the Office for Victims of Crime, Michelle contributes to national initiatives aimed at thwarting and responding to violence. She has spearheaded the development of innovative programs and resources, empowering communities to proactively address domestic abuse, with a focus on BIPOC communities. Additionally, delivering crucial training programs to strengthen collaborative efforts between military and civilian communities in mitigating violence, she has been on front-end discussions of change in various marginalized communities.

Michelle holds a Master’s degree in Human Services and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Her expertise is further bolstered by diverse certifications in clinical trauma counseling, disaster management, criminal profiling, and school emergency management. Michelle embodies a relentless pursuit of creating a world where all individuals can flourish free from the threat of violence. Her exceptional combination of expertise, dedication, and passion has left an enduring mark on the field of violence prevention, and her impact continues to illuminate a safer path for countless vulnerable individuals.

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