Colleen Phelan is a seasoned advocate and program developer specializing in empowerment-based advocacy and crisis intervention within the victim services field. With a wealth of experience, Colleen currently serves as the Learning and Development Program Manager for the National Organization for Victim Advocacy (NOVA), where they design and deliver impactful training programs to professionals in victim services nationwide.

 Previously, Colleen held key roles such as Victim Advocate Supervisor at the Pima County Attorney’s Office in Tucson, Arizona, overseeing policy implementation for crime victim advocacy initiatives like the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative and the Courthouse Dog Program. Their efforts led to significant advancements in survivor support and interagency collaboration, culminating in notable awards, including the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council Victim Advocate of the Year. Before her time as a systems-based advocate, she started her career as a non-profit-based advocate at the local rape crisis center, providing crisis response through hospital advocacy and 24 hr crisis hotline.

 As a Subject Matter Expert and Instructor for NOVA, Colleen brings a wealth of knowledge to their role, shaping educational programs that enhance coordinated community response with victim-centered, trauma-informed care. Before this, Colleen served as Director of Communications at the Courthouse Dogs Foundation, where they established peer support networks and amplified educational efforts through podcasts and social media.

 Passionate about advancing victim advocacy and professional development, Colleen continues to drive positive change in the field, fostering collaborations and empowering survivors through education and support of advocates.

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