Ale (she/her/ella) was born and raised in Mexico City and brings more than 12 years of experience in the Public Administration and International Development and Cooperation field. She specializes in topics such as Public Policy, Crime and Violence Prevention, Human Rights, Language Justice and Language Access, Victims’ Assistance, Gender-Based Violence, among others. She is also a Bilingual and Bicultural Communications Consultant and professional translator and trans-creator (Spanish<>English). Ale also has taught a Public Policy undergraduate class in a Public University in Mexico, where she has assessed more than 50 research projects in the field of Public Administration. Prior to moving to Colorado in 2017, she worked for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office in Mexico City as a Governance and Democracy Program Specialist where she managed Crime and Violence Prevention Projects aimed at at-risk youth and juvenile offenders. She also supported the Human Rights Office by leading the Office’s Leahy Vetting process that screens persons involved in Gross Human Rights Violations.

While in Colorado, Ale has volunteered in different organizations including Movement to End Violence Colorado, Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking Hotline, Denver for CEDAW, Aurora Office of International Affairs ‘s Immigrant and Refugee Commission and Museo de las Americas; she also served as the Vice-president of the Global Network of Highly Qualified Mexicans Abroad (Red Global) endorsed by the Mexican Consulate in Denver. Prior to coming to NOVA, Ale worked for the University of Colorado Cancer Center Office of Community Outreach and Engagement as a Cultural and Linguistics Competency Coordinator to assist the office in engaging disadvantaged Hispanic/Latino populations by providing literacy adaptation and cultural appropriateness of project’s protocols and clinical trials research materials like informed consent forms; and organized community outreach and engagement activities to provide the Hispanic/Latino community with cancer prevention education.

Ale is passionate about Human Rights, Languages, Language Justice and Access, Disability justice and women empowerment. She is an advocate to end violence against women. When she is not mothering, working volunteering or teaching, she is watching international movies, especially in French or Italian, or planning trips to home: Mexico City. Ale loves spending her time with her daughter, her fur baby and with family and friends.

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