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The CRT Student Center is your resource portal for NOVA’s Crisis Response Team Training. This is where you can find class registration, links, reference materials, instructor information, and more!

The CRT Training Coordinator is Kellie Portman, NOVA’s Senior CRT Training Manager.

Only students registered for a CRT course are able to access the password protected portion of this page below. Please do not share or distribute any information contained within the student center without permission from NOVA. Any questions? Email [email protected].

Interested in a training for your organization? Fill out the CRT Training Request FormPlease click and download the pdf. Once completed, please save the file name as your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, NOVA’s CRT model is a community-based model and is open to first responders, schools, court staff, mental and behavioral health agencies, faith-based organizations and other interested individuals with various personal and professional affiliations.

No. NOVA CRT trainings are open to any interested individual or agency.

No, after you complete your training, NOVA hopes that you continue to use our crisis intervention model in your work and home communities. During and after a disaster or emergency, NOVA CRT staff will first work to support local and state teams who have requested assistance. If NOVA’s National Crisis Response Team is requested to provide onsite assistance for a disaster or emergency, NOVA CRT staff will reach out to CRT-trained persons who have expressed interest in participating with our deployment.

Yes. Open virtual trainings are scheduled each quarter and open to both individuals and agencies. In-person trainings are facilitated with any host agency and invoiced at a minimum of 25 registrations. Minimum base rate for an in-person Basic CRT training is $15,125.

No, an individual must take at least one of these trainings in-person to allow observation of skills-based exercises by a Certified NOVA CRT Instructor.

No. NOVA’s Basic Crisis Response Team Training™, introduces the NOVA model for crisis intervention and provides the foundation for application of the model in a community setting. NOVA’s Advanced Crisis Response Team Training™ expands on the Basic model and provides additional skills training expanding into a greater understanding and enhanced application of the model.

No, Crisis Response Team Training™, Leadership Training, Team Development Training does not offer CEU’s. However, attendees are provided a certificate of completion. NOVA will also provide a course description, contact hours, and instructor contact information for CEU approval within an organization or agency upon request.

Below is the current training costs effective May 1, 2022. Training costs include materials. Please note that any additional costs that NOVA incurs to provide specialized documentation (i.e. proof of liability insurance, workers comp, etc.) may be charged directly to the funding agency. 


  • Virtual Basic: $475
  • Virtual Advanced: $500
  • In-Person Basic: $550
  • In-Person Advanced: $575


  • Virtual Basic: $525
  • Virtual Advanced: $550
  • In-Person Basic: $605
  • In-Person Advanced: $625


Please note that the above rates are based on a minimum of 25 people. 

Check out upcoming trainings at www.trynova.org under the crisis response tab. To discuss bringing a training to your agency, complete the CRT request form at www.trynova.org, send an email to [email protected] or call 1-703-270-0618 to speak with CRT Training Coordinator.

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