Advancing the Impact of Domestic Abuse Victim Advocates in the Military

NOVA’s DoD Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) Program

In 2024, NOVA became the singular credentialing program for Department of Defense (DoD) Domestic Abuse Victim Advocates (DAVA), solidifying our commitment to advancing advocacy for military-connected survivors. This program offers no-cost credentialing and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for military Domestic Abuse Victim Advocates (DAVAs), serving as a catalyst for program enhancement and fostering a robust network encompassing all DAVAs DoD wide.

Through this credentialing program, NOVA’s DAVA team is dedicated to empowering military victim advocacy professionals. We equip advocates with the necessary tools and knowledge to provide comprehensive support for people impacted by domestic abuse within military communities, while fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the DoD network of DAVAs.

Empowering DoD Domestic Abuse Victim Advocates through training, research and credentialing.

Embracing Research and Community Response.

The DAVA program is built on dedicated research and a focus on collaborative community response to deliver the highest quality support to victims. Through rigorous  and targeted research, DAVAs are equipped with the latest knowledge and evidence-based practices in the field.

To maximize the impact of our program, we offer comprehensive training on Coordinated Community Response (CCR) frameworks. Through collaboration and coordination across professions, communities can improve their response to critical incidents and better support those in need. Through this approach, DAVAs gain a holistic and effective response framework to support military-connected victims.

Empowering Advocates with Resources and Networking

By being a part of the NOVA DAVA network, advocates gain access to a dedicated Learning Management System, valuable resources, including no-cost credentialing, CEUs, and an enhanced networking space. This enables them to enhance their skills, expand their network, contribute to the crucial field of victim advocacy, and creates a community of dedicated advocates DoD wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible DAVAs include all government and contract Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Victim Advocates and other FAP personnel who are officially designated to serve as DAVAs, according to DoDI 6400.06 requirements

There is no cost to the applicant or their Service for the credentialing application fee!

Yes, CEUs are offered within our NOVA DAVA Learning Management System (live and on-demand), at no charge. If you have questions about how to access this, please email [email protected].

Please contact Angela Willmore at [email protected] or 703-535-6601, extension x6001. Angela is the dedicated Military Domestic Abuse Operations Credentialing Program Manager for all eligible DoD DAVAs.

At this time, all trainings are offered virtually in our dedicated NOVA DAVA Learning Management System. If you have questions about how to access this, please email [email protected]

No. However, you must be working in an eligible position, as outlined in the answer to the first FAQ in this list.

All qualified DAVAs will be invited to create an account in the NOVA DAVA Learning Management System. If you do not have an account and believe you should please contact your direct supervisor or contact us at [email protected].

If you are a DAVA, join us for “Advocate’s Hour” every third Tuesday of the month beginning May 2024 or send any questions to [email protected]

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